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NSS Parent Letter Wednesday Hours

April 19, 2021
Wednesday School Hours beginning April 21
Dear NSS Families – As you know, beginning this Wednesday, April 21, and continuing each Wednesday through the remainder of the school year, the elementary school day begins at 10:30am and ends at 3:30pm.
• Buses will arrive at NSS between 10:20-10:30 – buses should arrive at your pick up stop 90 minutes later than your regular morning pick up time.
• School Doors Open at 10:20am for walkers and car drop offs.
• Lunch schedules will remain the same; recess times will vary; and the specials’ schedule will be adjusted to fit within the shorten day each Wednesday.
• The before school care program (ECC) arrival hours remain the same and ECC staff will dismiss students to their classrooms at 10:20am.
Thank you again for your support as we continue to work together this year.



Debbie Jackson