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Principal's Welcome

August 23, 2021

Dear NSS Families,

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year. We are excited to have all of our students and families back to our building. It has been a busy summer getting ready for the return of our students. The teachers and staff are looking forward to a great school year.
Class lists are being released this afternoon after 3:30pm. We are continuing to ensure a welcoming and safe environment at NSS while working to comply with all state and district health and safety protocols that exist and are updated. The elementary team are currently working together with central office staff to review the practices for this Friday’s student orientation visit. Changes may be made to comply with the latest health/safety regulations and to ensure consistency at all elementary schools. We will blast all updates on IC as we receive them. Due to increased enrollment we now have four sections of both Kindergarten and Grade 2. We experienced several staffing changes and additions. The following should be of help to you as you prepare for next week. More information will follow on our school website as it is received and/or updated.
We will share more information as it becomes available to us. Please enjoy the next few days of summer vacation knowing that our staff will be prepared to keep your children happy, safe, and engaged in learning and growing together. We thank you for being our partners as we work together to take care of our students and one another.
Best regards,
Debbie Jackson

Grade K:                                                                                Grade 3:
Mrs. Paula Healy                                                                   Mr. Harry Bartlett
Mrs. Elizabeth Keresey                                                         Mrs. Karen Myers (from grade 2)
Mrs. Kristin Rollinson (from grade 1)                                   Ms. Christine Gussen
Mrs. Caitlin Sierra*

Grade 1:                                                                                   Grade 4:
Mrs. Cheryl Banner (back from RLA)                                     Ms. Kristin Mancini
Mrs. Kayla Onderko                                                                Ms. Gina Marcheschi
Ms. Emily Spoto*                                                                     Mr. Steve Porricelli

Grade 2:                                                                                   Grade 5:
Mrs. Jessica Furey (from grade 5)                                          Mrs. Jill Spring-Hedman*
Mrs. Nicole Hackney (from grade 1)                                       Mr. Robert Gillen
Mrs. Kathleen Kane                                                                 Mr. Matthew Wendin
Mrs. Jen Champagne*

Special Education:                                                                   STEAM:
Ms. Marissa Vizziello*                                                              Mr. Brian Jasgur*

*Mrs. Sierra is thrilled to be part of our kindergarten team. She has been on staff at NSS for several years and previously taught kindergarten prior to coming to FPS. Ms. Spoto was part of our first grade team last year and is joining as a permanent member this year. Mrs.Champagne taught in the Remote Learning Academy (RLA) for FPS last year and she is very happy to be part of our second grade team. In fifth grade, Mrs. Spring-Hedman comes to NSS from Riverfield School and she previously taught for Weston Public Schools. Mr. Brian Jasgar returns to the building level from the RLA in our STEAM position. Ms. Vizziello joins our special education teaching team from Riverfield School and she is looking forward to being part of our school community.