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Principal's Welcome

March 5, 2021

Dear NSS Families,

NSS is returning to full school days on Monday, March 8th.  The staff have worked hard to prepare for the return of full in school day and we are looking forward to getting back to a regular school schedule.  School hours are 8:55am - 3:30pm each day.  It is especially important for all of us to remember that our children have experienced many changes this year and we all need to pay close attention to their stamina especially during the first few weeks of full days.  In many ways, it is like opening day for the third time this year.  Teachers will prioritize social/emotional learning next week as they help students make a smooth transition.  This will include decreasing our typical amount of independent work outside of school hours.  Thank you again for always working with us as partners this year and for supporting your children, our staff, and my leadership throughout this challenging school year.                       Mrs. Jackson




Full Day – 8:55am – 3:30pm

Early Dismissal Hours – 8:55am – 1:40pm

Delayed Opening – 10:55am – 3:30pm


Plans remain the same (see Arrival/Dismissal Guidelines for details) - we encourage you to put your child(ren) on the bus as it cuts down on the amount of traffic in neighboring streets.  Keep in mind that bus schedules may change and while they will depart beginning at 3:30pm – arrival times home may change slightly.


Grades K-5 – Students should continue to bring in 1 snack daily (NO NUT PRODUCTS).  They will be consumed in the same manner as they are now – in classrooms using tri-fold dividers.  Based on lunch times – it will either be before or after lunch.  Refrain from any products containing nuts.


Will be in our All Purpose Room (APR).  Students will be seated 3 feet apart and will use their tri-fold dividers.  Each grade level will eat lunch separate from other grade levels.  A 10 minute “cleaning time” will take place between shifts.  LUNCH ORDERS will be the same as in previous years in school.  Students will place their lunch order first thing in the morning in the classroom.  The cafeteria lunch menu is posted on our district website.  Your child also has the option to bring lunch to school.  We currently have staff in place to supervise lunch in the APR.


Students will have one recess per day for 20 minutes wearing masks supervised by classroom teachers.  They will only use school equipment (nothing from home).  Students will be remain in classroom cohorts as they are now for lunch.  They have assigned zones outside that rotate.  Appropriately scheduled mask breaks outside will be scheduled as needed by classroom teachers.


LUNCH SCHEDULE:                                                         RECESS SCHEDULE:


11:00-11:20     Grade 5                                                           Grade K          10:30-10:50

11:30-12:00     Grade K                                                          Grade 1           11:50-12:10

12:10-12:30     Grade 2                                                           Grade 2           1:40-2:00

12:40-1:00       Grade 3                                                           Grade 3           10:40-11:00

1:10-1:30         Grade 1                                                           Grade 4           1:10-1:30

1:40-2:00         Grade 4                                                           Grade 5           12:40-1:00

SPECIALS—(Art/Music/Physical Education/Library)

All of our specials’ teachers will be here on campus.  Our Art Teachers are split between NSS class sections and have assignments at other schools in town as well.  We know how difficult it was for our students to have a change in art teachers during the year when school ending times changed as they had connected so well with each of these fine professionals.  We did our best to minimize another change, however, it was not possible for all classes to remain with the same teachers.  All specials’ will be held in their respective rooms following distancing protocols.   They will wash or sanitize hands before and after specials.


We will continue to minimize visitors to NSS and there are no changes to our current practices of not permitting outside visitors during school hours at this time.


Requests for live streaming in a student’s current classroom can be made to Mrs. Jackson if the following district approved conditions are present:


Quarantining   *Due to waiting for test results     

                        *Due to positive Covid test results

                        *Due to exposure to positive Covid case


*(24-hour notice is needed in order for teachers to prepare)


PLEASE inform the school nurse ([email protected])


Students exhibiting COVID-like symptoms (should stay home, & inform the nurse).


***Please note: per district guidelines students who are traveling, vacationing, kept at home due to parent request, or are sick with non-COVID symptoms CANNOT live stream.


Virtual Conferences – sign ups virtually through classroom teachers


Wednesday, March 17th         2:00pm – 4:00pm

Thursday, March 18th             2:00pm – 4:00pm

Thursday, March 25th             5:30pm – 7:30pm


Will be available through Infinite Campus on April 1st.

(The original date of March 26th was changed)