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NSS Arrival and Dismissal Plan as of March 8



BUSES:         Arrive at NSS between 8:45-8:55

PARENTS WALKING STUDENTS:             Doors open at 8:45


• PLEASE be vigilant in monitoring your children if you walk to school as there are many cars and buses during arrival and dismissal. Make sure to hold the hands of very young siblings and keep your children close when exiting if cars or buses are still on campus.

• Once your child(ren) are inside the building – please exit the arrival or dismissal areas.

• We recognize that many parents enjoy meeting up with each other once the students have been dropped off and we respectfully ask you to do so in the benched circle outside the main office. This helps reduce the “traffic” for students exiting cars and trying to enter the building.



• Have students ready with masks and materials to exit cars on the passenger side (or your car holds up all other cars from exiting)

• Pull through the car loop to the furthest cone/flagman and staff will let your child(ren) out of the car and guide them into the building

• For safety, please use the “Loading Zone” (see map) area only when dropping off your child(ren)

• Stay in a single file line

• Parents do not get out of vehicles and do not pass other cars when exiting

*If you need more time or your child(ren) need more assistance – please inform staff and they will assist you so you do not delay arrival for other cars in line.




CAR LOOP PICK UPS BEGIN AT:                    3:15pm (A-K)     3:25pm (L-Z)



Parents stay in their cars and students are escorted to your car. Parking in the school lot is not allowed and the police continue to ask parents to not park on any adjoining streets.


Post your sign with vehicle number and name (provided by school) on the passenger side of your vehicle so that staff will be able to see it clearly.  We provided 2 signs per family and we ask that you make additional ones if you lose your signs or have others (i.e. babysitters/grandparents) picking up your child(ren). It is ESSENTIAL that you display this sign every day you pick up your child(ren) as we need this information to connect students with their appropriate cars. 


*Step 1 - Parents will STAY IN CARS and line up vehicles in our loop in the same way they do now. There will be a designated “loading zone” that will allow us to board 10 cars at a time (see diagram).        

*Step 2 - Staff will escort children out of the APR doors to the appropriate car. 

*Step 3 – Once the first 10 cars are safely boarded, they will be directed out of the loop as a group.

*Step 4- The line of cars will advance and 10 more cars will be boarded in the loading zone.


*Teach your child(ren) how to buckle and unbuckle themselves in seats or car seats & make sure they have a clear path to their seat inside the vehicle.


*Once your child has boarded safely, wait for direction from staff to exit.   


*If you or your child(ren) require additional assistance – please inform the outside staff and you will be directed to park on the right side of the lot.  This will be helpful for new drivers, grandparents visiting, and those picking up students with large instruments.



• Cars begin to arrive and pull through the car loop to the furthest cone/flagman in a single file line.

• Loading zone starts at the beginning of loop to the end of the handicapped spots (see map below).






***If you need to pick up your child for an appointment that could not be scheduled after school – please send in a note to your child’s teacher and arrive before 3:00pm to avoid waiting in what may be a long car dismissal line in the car loop.